5G Home Broadband Plans

Bring home a whole lot of fun with 5G Home Broadband

Enjoy 5G speeds up to 300Mbps and data up to 1.5TB for an amazing experience. To top it off you can also enjoy Jawwy TV including an OSN subscription along with SIM cards to share with your family!
4 Plans available
Upgrade now and enjoy maximum speed
Existing 4G Home Broadband customers can upgrade their plan to 5G today.
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Why 5G?
With blazing-fast speeds, seamless connectivity and super-fast content sharing, 5G will change the way we use connect with the world around us. With 5G you can download a movie in 5 seconds!*
Amazingly Fast
High-speed for 4K streaming and instant file sharing
Gaming Paradise
Lower latency makes real time applications run like never before
High Capacity
Better performance in crowded places
What you can do with 5G
Experience 5G with our exclusive devices
A 5G enabled router is necessary to connect to the 5G network, You can choose your preferred option from the below:
5G Indoor Router
Excellent performance
24 months installment
Full Price
5G Outdoor Router
Excellent performance & blasting speed.
24 months installment
Full Price

A 5G enabled router is necessary to connect to the 5G network.

The 5G router will remain under stc’s ownership.
Prices are subject to 5% VAT. Terms and conditions apply.